Parents! Stop the fighting & frustration and find the fun again!


Join me Thursday, July 16th @11am PST (2pm EST).

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Presented by: Leanne Kabat, Creator of the 5 Seasons, Parent Advisor, a former teacher, and mom of three.

 In this “fluff-free” and actionable session, I’ll reveal:

  • The one thing that takes less than 15 minutes but will cut the conflict and transform your day with your kids! (Psst: It’s not UNLIMITED screen-time!)
  • How learning about THIS ONE SHIFT meant my kids wanted to play, interact, and spend more time together laughing and sharing. And this shift has helped hundreds of other families too!
  • The one critical error that keeps people from really enjoying the time they spend with their kids, and how other families who aren’t making this error are having way more fun!

You want to be happy with your kids, but homeschooling, quarantine and non-stop togetherness has put a huge strain on your relationship. Learn how to shift your family to move from FRUSTRATED to FUN! 

If you’re a parent who has ever worried you’re doing it all wrong (or if you’re like most of us & feel this every day), this is for you. Leanne’s work is as beautiful as her lessons are profound. You’ll walk away with a new sense of power in parenting, and a deeper understanding of how beautiful imperfection in parenting can be.

Sara D.

During this FREE 1-Hour Webinar you will learn:


The top 3 reasons you are not getting the results you want & deserve.


How to create activities your kids can’t resist.


The #1 job you need to do in your family.


What family values you can’t live without.


The 5 Seasons system that takes you from chaos to connection. 


How to create the family of your dreams using this system that has helped hundreds of families.

Thursday, July 16 @ 11AM PST (8AM EST)

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