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Leanne Kabat's The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Love Partner

BRAND NEW RELEASE! The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Love Partner

Once upon a time, we believed in our Happy Ever After.

But, life and all of its trials and tribulations made that a distant memory. This book gives couples the most powerful tools to heal the hurts that may be part of their partnership, as well as uncover their neglected passions so they can reignite the flames in their love story.

This book is all about building trust, partnership, and the strongest connection to your love partner to deepen all seven layers of intimacy- yes seven!

The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Business Brilliance

This book is designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the edge they need to build a business that provides the impact and the income they desire. Knowing who you are in every season, your core talents and abilities, your mission and your purpose, and your desired destination are all part of how you uncover your business brilliance and catapult yourself from where you are to where you want to be.

The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Child

The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Child

This book goes into the heart and soul of parenting – right into the interactions between parents and children, where connection grows or disconnection reigns. You know great families don’t just happen, they are created and nurtured with solid boundaries, supportive structures, and systems that allow everyone to thrive. The 5 Seasons framework takes you through self-exploration, child-exploration, and family-exploration to create a path forward that honors everyone.

The 5 Seasons of Connection Parent Companion Guide & Journal

This workbook complements the book of the same name, guiding you through all the exercises, and then providing ample space for journaling and exploring who you are as a parent and as a leader of your family. 

The 5 Seasons of Connection Parent Companion Guide and Journal

Why You Need The 5 Seasons in Your Life

Who Are You In the Winter Storm?

Winter blows in, and it reveals our dark side.

Who are we in Winter?

Who are we in pain? In fear? Lost in feelings of abandonment, rejection, worry, doubt or anger? When we know our dark side, our shadow feelings, our secret shameful ways, we have more control over how we view our past, how we live our present, and how we work for our future.

How Spring Cleaning Works

You can’t leave Winter until you decide you will do the work – the honest, authentic, soul-bearing work to remove the debris and damage from the last season, and work to do things differently.

Your Summer Best

When you know your seasons, you can show up in your Summer best: confident, courageous, and creative. Your Summer self is your best self, and knowing your 5 Seasons helps you identify when you are in Summer, and when you are slipping into Fall, hiding out from Winter storms, or busy Spring Cleaning away the things that took you from Summer. 

How You Figure It Out

How you see your ability to control your environment, your outcome, your present and future is completely dependant on the conscious and unconscious decisions you make when you stand at the Crossroads. The 5 Seasons helps you make better decisions in all areas of your life. 

How can you take your book learning to life learning? The 5 Seasons Courses!

The 5 Seasons Courses  help you breathe life into your learning. We take each book, chapter by chapter, and learn the principles, explore the emotions and behaviors, uncover the patterns, select new values and beliefs, and practice them together so you can master your seasons and your elements. By doing so, you transform your business, family life, or love relationship to that of your dreams with me by your side, guiding you all the way. 

The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Child
The 5 Seasons of Connection Parent Companion Guide and Journal
Leanne Kabat's The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Love Partner

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