What would make all the difference right now?


Need support with creating the right systems?

Having clarity on the right messaging?

Executing the right marketing?

Finding the right clients?

Making $ with ease?


Not one successful person ever gets to the top of their game alone – not athletes, not top CEO’s, not concert pianists or even master chefs. Everyone who meets and exceeds their goals does it with the support of guides, teachers, mentors and coaches. We are all that and more!

You are Invited into The Fish Tank

If you aren’t making the income or impact you want to make, we need to dig into what is blocking you -it’s either your mindset, messaging, marketing or sales.

In our membership group, we pull back the layers of stress, worry and ‘not-enoughness’ to help you build a business on your true brilliance. You’ll receive weekly coaching, training, and support to set the right foundations to grow, scale and shine in your CEO-ness. 

This isn’t the ocean. We won’t leave you to ‘sink or swim.’

We create a safe space for your brilliance to come out and play.


Wait, what went through your mind just there?

 Did you just say you don’t have any brilliance to share?

Hell no, that’s totally not true!

Of course you have brilliance. 

We’ve never met a single person who doesn’t.

It’s often just buried under layers of fear, doubt, anxiety, or hurt. It’s pushed down or put aside or packed away for the day when you feel ready.


Dropping the truth bomb here: you will never feel ready

That’s not how ready works. 


What you will feel is a nudge, or a whisper, or a wish. Maybe you’ll feel a moment of envy when you see another entrepreneur holding up their new book with their name proudly displayed on the cover, or sharing about a course they launched, or a webinar they held to teach and inspire 200 people.


If you asked them if they were ready, they’d most certainly say ‘no!’ But, what they were was supported and prepared. They didn’t do it alone, they didn’t do it blindly.


They had a team, and they made a plan.

We are your team, and we bring you the plan.


We are teachers and trainers, published authors, course creators, webinar hosts, international speakers, and podcasters. 

What we do better than everyone is:


1. We help you find your brilliance

With our award-winning interview style, we uncover your fastest path to growing your business, raising your thought leadership, and expanding your impact though getting clear and confident on your areas of expertise. You’ll have niche-domination after working on your Business Brilliance strategy session with us!


2. We help you package your brilliance so you can SHINE!  

Once we uncover your brilliance by peeling back the heavy, dream-suffocating layers called limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, comparison-itis, not-good-enough-itis, we will guide you. How should you package your brilliance to compete in the crowded marketplace depends on your business structure, your business goals, your money goals, your time freedom goals, your skillset and your mindset. 


We know the power of leverage, and we will use that to catapult you forward. No more wishing and wanting, we will work with you to mind-map, outline, create, and produce your:

– e-book

– book

– course

– webinar

– podcast

– Virtual Resume

– Expert Speaker Sheet



The Fish Tank Show is a coaching experience that breaks down your biggest blocks and builds a plan to move you forward.

When you jump into The Fish Tank, we’ll help you:


– find your focus 

– understand your business

– leverage your skills and abilities

– answer your burning business questions

– create juicy content your clients will crave

– reveal hidden opportunities in your business

– position your business so you have no competition

– market the right messages to find your best clients 

– identify strategies to automate the tasks you don’t love 

– brainstorm the smartest systems to support your growth 

– outline the top priorities to meet your stated business goals 

– help you identify the solutions your ideal clients *have to have* 

What Does a Membership Give You?


5 Seasons Assessment

Who are you in anger? Who are you in joy? Knowing how you show up in all of your emotions  helps you to understand yourself  better, identify areas you are strong and areas you want to be stronger. And, learning from others is a powerful growth strategy. 


Mindset Mastery

We don’t always know we’re stuck in our own Winter storms, but being with others in a similar situation helps us identify the fears, doubts, worries and insecurities. We help each other recognize when limiting beliefs show up, when ego shuts you down, or when your stress rises up so you can get through it.


What We Really Want

Anytime there’s confusion or uncertainty, the storms keep you stuck and spiraling down.

This group stops the storms that keep you stuck by providing expert trainings, Q&A, coaching, and a safe, supportive community to discover our values and our message to those around us. 


Encouragement & Love

We weren’t meant to do it alone. When we stress and struggle on our own, we go to Winter faster and stay there longer – feeling like a failure or a fraud. Being with people on a similar journey means you have a built-in support system of cheerleaders for when you succeed, and motivators when you stumble. Come get wrapped in loving arms.

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