Leanne, THANK YOU for all you did to support me as I headed into summer with my boys at a moment when I was feeling so overwhelmed, but your empathic response pulled me out of anxiety and overwhelm, into feeling hopeful and even excited. And wouldn’t you know it, we had a really good summer! I just thought you should know how much you touched my life. You are an amazing, inspirational, generous and smart woman. Thank you!

Amy T.

I had been following Leanne on social media for awhile before I decided to hire her to help me with my struggling business.

OMG – What took me so long? She is amazing on so many levels- defining my brand identity, clarifying my offers, pinpointing my ideal client, making sure I have family-business balance, and self-care practices that actually feed my soul.

I no longer have a struggling business! I’m so grateful!

Sarah M.

I work for a big corporation so I thought starting a side hustle was just a smaller version of my day job. Wow, I was so wrong! Thankfully, I met Leanne at a networking event and even though we didn’t talk about working together at all, I knew she could help me navigate the ups and downs of running my own business. She brings this interesting blend of pratical, actionable steps with a really deep, almost spiritual belief that *have* to step up and impact people with my work Leanne is my secret weapon!

James P.

Your book [The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Business Brilliance] is not a pre-made box of ‘this is what you do and how you do it, when you do it.’ 

This is beautiful in that it slows the process and it is so many tools in one place. It is, ‘look in the mirror, what tools do I need and let’s begin.’

Beyond the tools, you touched on matters of the heart and mind which is such a bigger and deeper part. Great job!

Angela M.

Leanne came to speak with us about The 5 Seasons and she blew our minds! It’s so simple but profound – no complicated formula to remember. And, we learned at the Crossroads, we choose the outcome. Seriously? Why didn’t we know we could choose the outcome before? Because we didn’t have her system- it’s perfect! It’s been a week since her talk and we just checked in with each other- cooperation is up at work, and conflict is down at home. Wow! 

Sandra C.

 I didn’t think anyone would care about my success like I did, until I met Leanne.

As her client, I felt supported, validated, heard, challenged & encouraged in such a huge way. Even after I was taking a break from coaching, Leanne checked in on me and gave me strategies to consider for my business. People say they lead with their heart but she actually does! With her crazy smart mind, she’s the real deal.

Lauren A.

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