‘Unlock Your Brilliance’ Coaching

Private 1:1 Sessions about Family Life, Love or Business

Without question, we all have brilliance in us. However, life adds layers which dull our shine. If you haven’t been able to tap into your brilliance, it just means you have many layers of hardship or coping mechanisms making it harder to see.

In our sessions, we peel back the layers and lose the lies that keep us hiding from our own glorious potential. We take your amazing ideas and create a clear roadmap to take you from where you are to where you want to go. This is what I do best – I help you move.

When we unleash your brilliance, we design your journey with intention and purpose. We take your biggest challenges and break them down, navigate around them, and replace them with healthier, strategic, results-focused patterns. Private coaching sessions will take you from frenetic to focused so we can:
~ Tap into your power in each season
~ Leverage your natural talents for the best outcome
~ Power up your ‘secret sauce’ for deeper impact
~ Identify your most rewarding goals and priorities.
~ Know everything about you using the 5 Elements Exploration.

We explore challenges in your Family Life, Love or Business and break the blocks that are holding you back from joy and connection.

1 session = $150

3 sessions = $375

4 sessions = $475


This bundle is three coaching/consulting sessions for a reduced price.


This bundle is four coaching/consulting sessions for a reduced price.


Are there other ways we can work together?

If private coaching isn’t right for you right now, consider investing in the 5 Seasons Family Course, or the 5 Seasons Business Course. All of my self-study programs help you explore your seasons, provide strategies to get you where you want to go, and guide you to set the right systems in place to support you on your journey. 

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