Group Coaching

Build Your ‘Business Brilliance Blueprint’

We have amazing ideas, we just need a roadmap to take us from where we are to where we want to go. Building your Business Brilliance Blueprint is how we design our journey with intention and purpose.

As a former school teacher and previous leadership trainer in Silicon Valley, I have developed and delivered curriculum for decades. These days, I train entrepreneurs how to uncover and leverage their business brilliance.

You don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, we’ll find it together.

Don’t think you have any? Even if you think brilliance is something ‘other’ people have – I will challenge you on this relentlessly and we will harness it faster than you can write a newsletter.

Without question, we all have brilliance in us. Life, however, adds layers of emotions and experiences which dull our shine. If you haven’t been able to tap into your business brilliance, it just means you have many more layers of hardship or coping mechanisms making it harder to see.

In this 10 week session, we peel back the layers, we release the shackles that hold us back & we lose the lies that keep us hiding from our own glorious potential. Every week consists of a video training, a zoom call, worksheets to guide you, and a private Facebook group to ask questions and get unstuck. We cover areas such as:

~ Mindset Mastery
~ Brand Identity
~ Messaging Clarity
~ Marketing
~ Visibility & Media
~ Goal & Priority Setting

$295 for Business Brilliance Members (per 10 week session)

$395 for non-members (per 10 week session)


Private 1:1 Sessions

Shine Brilliantly and Find Your Business Brilliance

If you are looking for a more individualized program, dedicated to your Business Brilliance exclusively, consider private 1:1 coaching. When you’re ready to plunge into your parenting, personal or professional brilliance in strategic, individualized, and results-oriented ways, these VIP Coaching sessions will take you from frenetic to focused so we can:
~ See who you are in each season
~ Leverage your natural talents and passions to create the outcome you crave
~ Power up your ‘secret sauce’ so you can have the impact and deep connections you desire
~ Identify your goals, set the right priorities, and put your calendar through the 4D Method.
~ Do the 5 Elements Exploration and design your perfect roadmap.

$295 per 3 session bundle (3 sessions x 50 mins)

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